Continuing the Starks Financial Tradition of Community Involvement

We may not actually have construction skills, but the Starks Financial team follows directions really well!  On Wednesday, we all had the opportunity to work on a Habitat for Humanity house with three wonderful clients who chose to join us.  Wow!  What a cool and grueling experience.  We picked October as our month to spend a day with the Habitat family so that the heat of summer wouldn’t be an issue.  Alas, the high was 91° on Wednesday.  That doesn’t work well for those of us who routinely work inside with air conditioning.

Four of us chose the insulation team.  Preparing for the fiberglass that gets in your pores when installing insulation was the first step.  We used baby powder on all exposed skin and then wrapped up in huge “banana” suits – those nice yellow suits that call to mind hazardous materials.  The cool of the morning allowed us about thirty minutes of comfortable work in the suits.  After that, lots of sweating, lots of water drinking, and a few breaks followed.  Even with the challenge of the heat, we were able to get the first and second floors of the house completely insulated by the end of the day, with no casualties.

Five of us worked the first half of the day on a punch list doing touchup painting.  This was one of the very last steps in construction – the family was closing on the house and moving in the very next day.  Those same five spent the afternoon building a front deck for a townhouse.  Lots of sweating, lots of water drinking, and a few breaks as well!

I share this story because we’re proud that Starks Financial is one of those small businesses that genuinely give back to the community in more ways than just financial.  Dawn has instilled the value of giving back from the very beginning of the firm.  We still ask prospective employees about ways that they’ve given back to their communities – it’s part of our culture, and we want a team committed to this value.  Over the last twenty years, Starks Financial has contributed financially or through service to the following nonprofits, just to name a few:

  • OnTrack Financial Education and Counseling
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Helpmate
  • Girls on the Run
  • Western North Carolina Nature Center
  • Funding the Future (Financial Literacy Education)
  • Girls Rock Asheville
  • Raymond James Women’s Leadership Alliance
  • Girl Scouts of the USA